We’ve streamlined our sends!

You may have noticed that all of your Campaigns Plus email communications have a fresh, brand-new look and feel. We know they look pretty snazzy, but that wasn’t the only factor that led us here — we spent some time over the last year testing to make sure these perform even better than they did before. Here are a few reasons why we made the choices we did:

Reduced Top Navigation

We conducted a few month-over-month tests within our newsletters and campaigns to see how our consumers engage with the top navigation links. We tried removing the navigation entirely, cutting it in half, and reducing it slightly to see which garnered the most clicks to your website. Keeping in mind that we want to drive as much traffic to your site as possible, we concluded that reducing the links slightly was our best bet and found that engagement increased with less and more tailored navigation options — based on the links that get the most clicks each month.

Updated Custom Article Layout

In the past, you were able to include up to three custom articles. However, there was always a “hero” article that would display prominently at the top and the other two would be shown as CTA links beneath the first. Now, all three of your custom article selections are shown with more significance — with one acting as the main article and two beneath it that are featured similar to how we show our additional core newsletter articles — with their own respective images and two CTA links.

Reduced Article Amount

In an effort to make sure your readers make it through the entire newsletter, we’ve decided to cut down on the amount of core articles featured each month. In the past, we featured 5 core articles (on top of your up to 3 custom articles) and found that few people actually made it through all 8 articles. We are already seeing an uptick in engagement with fewer and more focused articles than we did with more content — driving your consumers to maintain interest longer and ultimately make their way onto your website.

Interested in hearing more about our new and improved Tier III templates? Please do not hesitate to contact DSplus for more information today!