The Reputation Conversation.

Latin Writer Publilius Syrus once said “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” We at DSplus tend to agree with his 85-43 BC statement. If good ol’ P. Syrus was alive today, he’d probably have a Facebook account where he’d post all his philosophical quotes. And if he managed any accounts, he’d probably be worried about their social media reputation too.

Social Media Reputation Management (SMRM) should be a key part of your overall success as a dealer. It is essentially the practice of monitoring, responding to and eliminating negative social media comments about your brand or products. By doing this, you can improve your name and global reputation, because word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool; and that means the written word too.

We offer robust social and reputation management tools and services that enable your Toyota and Lexus dealerships to take their online presence to the next level. We use three components here: organic, paid and review management to ensure wholistic success.

And good news! Our packages and services are customizable to your dealership’s specific needs and goals.

We offer:

  • Unique Organic Toyota and Lexus Content
  • Social Media Response Management
  • Review Response Management
  • Turnkey Paid Social Advertising
  • Organic Content Boosting
  • In Depth Insights and Attribution

Why choose us?

We will be your dedicated social media expert working exclusively with Toyota and Lexus. We use tier-aligned brand content and paid social strategies with proven results.

If done right, raising your social media reputation and standing should be easier than raising your Dealer Digital Evaluation (DDE) score. Here are some things we can help you do maintain a good rep or repair a bad one.

  1. We will interact with your audience! We’ll respond, reply and engage in a timely manner. With our SMRM tools we can answer questions, reviews, comments and be proactive about reaching out when someone shares positive content or an experience with your dealer.
  2. Sharing is Caring. We can share positive messages, stories, photos or testimonials. We are experts at being relatable online and making an emotional connection when the time is right.
  3. We will work with you to learn and maintain your dealer voice. We won’t use any generic or canned responses. Your social media audience is smart and can see right through that. We take the time to learn your audience and be helpful.
  4. Lastly, with our particular social bundles, we will remove the negativity and spam. Sometimes your social accounts will be flooded with spam. We can use our tools to quickly delete or hide negative remarks or content. It makes your pages look cleaner as a whole and more professional. Our tools and platforms allow us to manually set swear word detections so when an upset user needs their mouth washed with soap, your other happy-go-lucky users won’t ever see their foul language. It will be hidden immediately.

After all, a good reputation on social media is valuable and could end up boosting sales in the long run! Remember, people want to work with those they can trust. And you can trust us as your dedicated social media adviser too.

To learn more about our service bundles and packages, please Contact DSplus at today!

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