The 2015 Camry: Bold new results on a bold new campaign!

A bold new design, a stunning execution and a refreshing delivery: The 2015 Camry Launch campaign hit the mark.


While the Camry had a reputation for quality and reliability, it needed a shift in brand perception from simply successful to incredibly sexy. The new 2015 Camry was a head-turner with sharper shapes, a wider stance, LED DRLs that sparkled, 18” alloy wheels, style on the hood, and curves on the side. The sedan’s interior also had a cockpit-like feel with a sleek center stack and gauges, and available wireless charging: an industry first.


We set out to help Camry transition from a storied past to a new, sexy future with a dynamic digital marketing strategy. We sought to woo shoppers with the universally relatable metaphor of love, while remaining true to the car’s bold new positioning. The communication was sharp-targeted at shoppers most likely to purchase, based on deep analytics and insights gathered from previous interactions.


The results were as sexy as the work: Of the 207 dealerships that participated, 150,000 prospects engaged, 12,000 clicked to schedule a test drive, and 828 new Camrys were sold in just four months.