Meet the TCUV Pilot Program: Certified for Success!

Back in November of 2016, we started delivering Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) “Sponsored” ads on Facebook to conquest in-market consumers and drive traffic to each dealership’s “Used Inventory” page. Our ultimate goal was to sell more used Toyotas – especially Corolla, Camry, and Prius models.


Our program set out by targeting consumers who were in-market (based on each dealership PMA) for used compact, mid-size and hybrid vehicles that were in the same category as these models.


With a monthly refresh of 2 ads per model, we aimed to deliver 6 ads in total per month for the 3-month pilot program, which lasted from November 2016 through January 2017.


Based on the Regional direction, the top ten TCUV selling dealerships were elected to enroll and opt-in to the fully regionally-funded program. With a minimal media spend of $160/dealership per month, we were still able to tap into some great results on the campaign.


Over the entire 3-month stint, we tallied up a Reach of 265,605 unique consumers and 14,029 Unique Clicks to TCUV Inventory. In addition, our program was extremely cost effective with an average cost of $0.34 per unique click to TCUV inventory.


In all monthly segments, the overall Unique Clicks grew, while the Cost per Unique Click dropped a few cents to match it. We also learned that lifestyle-based imagery performed far better than traditional imagery with logos, and the Toyota red background being prominent in the design. With the Cost per Unique Clicks coming in at $0.34, this has jumped to the top of our list of most successful campaigns.


The key to this success is due to Facebook recently looping in their Audience Network option for targeting. With Audience Networking enabled, advertisers are able to reach Facebook users through verified mobile applications. With more avenues to target and deliver ads, the cost drops dramatically as a result – sometimes 5 to 10 times as much as we’ve seen on other regular Facebook behavioral and straight conquest campaigns.


We look forward to applying these key creative and targeting learnings to our future and current TDA/Regional Facebook campaigns.


Stay tuned – and we’ll keep you posted!