Ready to move your models? On-Demand is here.

Want to get certain models in front of the right consumer in the blink of an eye? Now you can—DSplus has officially launched On-Demand campaigns, starting with our “Move a Model” campaign that will integrate live inventory as an extension of our Inventory Mover product.

We are constantly identifying consumers throughout their car-buying lifecycle and sending them dynamic content at the right time to keep them coming back to your dealership time and time again. However, we do know that specific dealership communication needs arise, which is what our On-Demand campaigns are designed to help out with. It perfectly complements our Campaigns Plus program so that you can reach customers with an extra push when needed.

Move a Model can send the right message to the most qualified shoppers by monitoring online behavior and DMS transaction data. In using that data, On-Demand campaigns will allow you to target a specific segment of your customer base and customize a particular message that only those customers will receive. Want to send an email to your most interested Prius customers? Move a Model can help. Want to help speed up sales of your RAV4s? Turn to Move a Model.

These campaigns are carefully designed by us to help your dealership run as smoothly as possible and get in contact with as many ready consumers as you can. Move a Model is the newest must-have in dealership tools and will surely increase your dealership’s efficiency and profitability.

Not on Campaigns Plus? Contact today about becoming a part of our DSplus family. We are more than happy to take you through everything you need to know about our outstanding products.