On-Demand is on the Move.

DSplus is dedicated to providing you with the best technology that will help you improve the efficiency of your dealership and help you get in contact with your customers with the right message at the right time. That’s why in March we will be launching our On-Demand campaigns, an enhancement to your Inventory Mover product. “Move a Model” is the first of many OnDemand campaigns to be released this year and we are excited to share with you all of its capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at our On-Demand Campaigns, a great way to reach certain customers at the perfect time. Keeping your customers engaged at every point in their relationship with your dealership is what the Campaigns Plus program is designed to do—throughout their entire customer journey. While the program is dynamic and responsive to your customers, your dealership’s goals might change day to day, and month to month. That’s why our On-Demand Campaigns will allow you to complement Campaigns Plus by reaching your consumers when you need to with specific messaging.

Our AI can send the right message to the most interested shoppers by monitoring online behavior and DMS transaction data. In using that data, On-Demand campaigns will allow you to target a specific segment of your customer base, depending on the situation, and customize a particular message that only those customers will receive.

Find yourself overstocked on a certain model? In the platform, you can filter a list to find the consumers who have been shopping for that model, and send them an On-Demand Campaign. Need to boost your service business for the month? Find the list of consumers who have engaged with service content recently, and send them an On-Demand Campaign. You can customize these campaigns with special offers and custom messages. Then we dynamically select content and live inventory recommendations for each consumer that is placed into the email. The email is deployed within a few clicks, and all interactions are fed back into the platform so even more relevant content is sent to each consumer through their automated communications as well.

Targeting your customers with the right message at the right time has been an advantage of our Campaigns Plus program. Now with On-Demand Campaigns, you can take that a step further and help make your business more efficient profitable. Please contact support@dsplus.co to learn more!