Make the most of Most Likely Buyers

Make the most of Most Likely Buyers.

In the digital realm, data is power. That is why we want to help your dealership leverage the customer insight from your DSplus platform as much as possible. The Most Likely Buyers report contains valuable shopping information, click behavior, and sales and service history to help your team have smarter conversations with your customers.

Whether you export your Most Likely Buyers report twice a week or utilize CRM Connect to send these high-ranking customers straight to your CRM, we have a few best practices on how to follow up with these customers:

How to Prepare

  • View high-ranking customers who score between 7 and 10 weekly
  • Plan your outreach strategy
  • Remember these customers haven’t raised their hand to be called

How to Approach

  • Open as a warm check-in
  • Ask about their current vehicle status and last dealership experience
  • Offer a free trade appraisal
  • Reinforce your “why buy here” message
  • Set tasks based on how you can best help with their search

How to Follow-Up

  • Personalize calls and emails based on your outreach strategy
  • Reach out every other week if they don’t respond
  • Review your Most Likely Buyers report weekly and watch for changes in scores

Also, keep in mind the various CRM Connect customizations that are always available. We have the ability to set the range of scores delivered to your CRM, set a maximum number of alerts per day, and what days of the week you would like alerts sent over.

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