Make a Connection with CRM Connect

CRM Connect integrates the DSplus Most Likely Buyers Program with your CRM System to alert you to new in-market buyers—and helps you focus on closing deals. Since introducing CRM Connect, we’ve watched automotive dealers hit the ground running using the tools they use every day – and it’s free to activate!


How does CRM Connect work?

  • CRM Connect works with any CRM that accepts ADF/XML
  • After opting in to CRM Connect, you’ll set up a workflow in your CRM with DSplus Most Likely Buyers as the source
    • When setting up the workflow, it’s important that you disable your autoresponder so that your CRM doesn’t automatically shoot a note to a consumer indicating the availability of specific vehicles.
    • Once you have set up the workflow in your CRM, your DSplus Account Executive will have a test record sent over to ensure everything is set up properly
  • Qualifying records are sent over via ADF/XML in the morning once per day, Monday-Friday
  • On average, dealers are seeing between 10-20 MLB records in their CRMs a day depending on database size


How do you reach out to these consumers?

  • Keep in mind that the records sent over as part of CRM Connect likely aren’t explicit leads, so please ensure your team is aware of the following before reaching out:
    • Before reaching out, use the data in your CRM to find additional historical information on the consumer—who they’ve worked with before, how they like to be reached, etc.
    • Look at the consumer’s vehicles of interest to familiarize yourself with inventory or specials that align with those models
    • Remember that mentioning specific behaviors may turn consumers off (e.g. don’t say “You were looking at a Camry on our site, right?”)


Ready to get connected?


For more tips and best practices, contact a DSplus Account Executive today.