Introducing Major Remodels and Unbelievable Upgrades

Shoppers Campaign

Great news! We’ve made your Shoppers campaign even more dynamic. Depending on the consumer’s predicted interests, your new Shoppers email will dynamically serve up vehicle content on models that will most likely interest them – all rank-ordered based on predicted interest levels.


So, how does it look? A model-specific headline grabs the consumer’s attention. Then, the teaser copy helps guide them to click for more information. This call-to-action button directs them to a rich, engaging landing page about the model.


There is also a second button that prompts them to “Get a Quote” on that specific vehicle, which is delivered directly to your CRM. If we can’t determine a specific model of interest, but the consumer is showing shopping behavior, content will default to a broader message.


New Model Pages

What else is new? We have refreshed our Model Pages to make them even more pleasing to the consumer’s eye. These new Model Pages grab the viewer’s attention, making them want to learn more about the full Toyota lineup.


Our goal is to make sure our communications always look up-to-date and original to your consumers.