Keep reaching high-value customers – with your own data.

As you may know, Facebook has removed the option to utilize Partner Category data, otherwise known as third-party data, as of August 15, 2018. This presents changes to advertising on Facebook for many brands and industries—but not all will be dramatically impacted by the decision. Fortunately, the automotive industry is uniquely poised to weather these changes.

The auto industry and dealerships have assets more powerful than third-party data—their own data. Dealerships have data within their own CRM and DMS platforms that can be applied to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other social media platforms to target current customers for campaigns such as Retention, Lease, and Sales. Turnkey Social Ads, a social product by DSplus, are a valuable tool that uses CRM and DMS data to create and target social media audiences that resemble your most in-market customers. That increases new lead opportunities. Dealer data also enables strong retention and retargeting programs based on where consumers are in the customer buying cycle. Turnkey Social Ads are one of the strongest approaches to digital marketing now, because they simply use dealer data to generate new leads, retain current customers, and retarget consumers on social media.

As the younger customer demographic progresses into their next life stage, their sense of urgency for purchasing a vehicle will continue to rise. Studies show that by 2020, 40% of new car buyers will be millennials, of which 88% will have gone online to research their car purchases. Social media will continue to be a strong source for consumers, and dependency on customer reviews and word-of-mouth from family and friends will continue to as well.

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