Is this working? Polk matchbacks have the answer.

The destination is as important as the journey—and even more so when it comes to the customer experience. That’s why DSplus is excited to present the first of three 2016 Polk Data sales matchbacks for all TDAs on the DSplus program.


Using IHS/Polk data, we can supplement DMS data with vehicle registration data from across the country to see who bought anywhere. As we continue to reach in-market auto-intenders, IHS/Polk matchbacks are a vital step in closing the loop and verifying that these consumers were engaged — from the beginning of the shopping journey through to vehicle purchase.


IHS/Polk data gives us more than a peek into conquest sales; it gives us insightful reporting on the audience we target monthly. It helps reiterate the accuracy of our predictive models and determines whether consumers identified as in-market are actually buying. And the great news is—they are!


Ultimately, it’s this kind of intelligence that helps you improve on conversion and close rates. Polk data is, after all, the standard for tracking new and used vehicle sales across the United States.


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