How to turn shoppers into buyers.

Breaking news: There’s a gap in the information available to you about your customers and their next purchase intentions. Wouldn’t it be great to know who’s shopping—and what they’re shopping for?

Here’s where we can help. Our Most Likely Buyers program, integrated into your DSplus platform, is designed to detect customers and prospects most likely to purchase within 90 days. Combining a set of online and offline behaviors, Most Likely Buyers updates daily—providing your sales and service teams with reports that illustrate everything from vehicle interest to service-related research behavior. For instance, results reflect that 36% of customers are shopping specific vehicles, 40% are eyeing you AND the competition, and 19% of those shoppers are ONLY looking at the competition.


With real-time insights on your customers and prospects, Most Likely Buyers is an extremely powerful tool that can help you sell smarter and faster than ever before. In fact, consumers identified through buyer detection are 14x more likely to convert, with an increase in competitive conversion rates as high as 270%.


Ready to turn those numbers into dollars?