How to make DSplus work for you!

The DSplus Program is a fully customizable solution tailored to fit your individual dealer needs. Have more Camrys on the lot than expected? We can help. Specific sales goals for your BDC or Sales Managers? We can help. Service scheduling a priority for the rest of the quarter? You bet!


We encourage you to log into the platform to:

  • Customize and add incentive-specific messaging from your dealership to retargeting campaigns monthly, further nurturing engagement and consideration for your dealership.
  • Download the Opportunities report weekly and Most Likely Buyers report bi-weekly to proactively reach out to your most engaged customers.
  • Follow-up with those consumers via a check-in call to schedule a test drive and drive the conversation.
  • Consistently meet with your sales teams and BDC to make sure your DSplus communications are aligned with vehicle supplies, focuses and sales goals.
  • Set up your Mobile Service Club with relevant offers to drive service appointments.
  • Display your customized Mobile Service Club POP materials throughout the dealership and your social communities to drive opt-ins.
  • Meet with your teams weekly to see how you can add relevant messaging and further support the dealership goals.


We’re excited to continue to bring technology to the forefront via a truly customizable solution. As we continue to work in-market, we look forward to making the platform work even harder for you!