Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics


How can we learn more about the traffic we’re sending to your website? With a consistent review of your Google Analytics platform and the metrics it houses.

Google Analytics provides behavioral and engagement insights that will assist in giving context to the individuals visiting your website from our newsletter and smart-targeted campaigns.

You will typically find your DSplus communications ranking in the top 10 in your Google Analytics dashboard. When analyzing your data, we find the following metrics to be the most useful:

  • Bounce Rate: A “bounce” occurs any time an individual lands on a page from a marketing channel and exits the page without exploring more pages—you can look at it as the percent of sessions that only visit the page they are directed to.
  • Session Duration: This measures, on average, how long (in seconds) these individuals stay on the website after being landed there from a marketing channel.
  • Pages per Sessions: This measures, on average, how many pages these individuals consume before leaving the site.
  • % of New Sessions: This determines your total new sessions.

With the help of these insights, we can track what online behavior may have led to a purchase and use that data to make informed decisions about how to reach new and existing customers.

Be sure to connect with your Account Executive to learn more about Google Analytics and see where your email campaigns with DSplus fall into place with your other digital channels.