Freshen up your content for spring.

Spring is upon us and what a great time to showcase clean, fresh offers from your dealership! With the weather warming up, take advantage of the hot opportunities to reach your customers through online shopping and digital leads. The DSplus newsletter gives your dealership the ability to stand out through the use of custom content. Your customers will be more likely to engage if they see that the communication they receive is unique to them or their community as opposed to another generic spring sales event retail message.

Here are some ideas that you can use this spring to catch the eye of your customers and drive traffic to your website and into your store!

  • Eco-Friendly – It’s the spring season and also Earth day this month. Showcase what your dealership is doing to celebrate. Weather it’s having sales events on hybrids or pushing towards a “green” environment – this is the time of year to let your customers know!
  • Community Involvement – We know that many of the dealerships we work with have a tremendous relationship with their community and work to make that community a better place. The newsletter is a great place to highlight those efforts, whether it be to recognize an event that has already taken place or to bring awareness to an upcoming or ongoing event this spring.
  • Spring Cleaning Video – Video can be a great way to break down the fear some car shoppers have of coming into a store to shop for their vehicle. Spring cleaning gives you an easy theme to use to highlight the great shopping experience customers can expect when coming in to your dealership. It can also be fun and beneficial for your employees to get as many of them involved in a video as possible!

These are just a few simple ideasc that dealers have used in the past with great success, but feel free to get creative and think outside the box. Ultimately custom content is intended to stand out to your audience as valuable and targeted to them specifically – that will generate the best results!

If you think that your dealership could benefit from an automated email marketing program like this please reach out to and we can provide further information.