CRM Connect now available for more CRM systems!

CRM Connect allows dealerships to easily set up integration between their DSplus Most Likely Buyers program and CRM systems. But here’s even better news – we’ve expanded our capability so it’s now accessible to more CRM systems!


CRM Connect makes it possible for dealers to be alerted so they can easily follow up with their newest in-market buyers directly via their CRM, rather than needing another standalone tool.


CRM Connect is compatible with any CRM that supports ADF/XML data transfer.


Dealers who use buyer detection tools such as Most Likely Buyers see consumers converting 14.5x higher than dealers who don’t – with 41% of these conversions being first-time customers. With CRM Connect, dealers can be alerted to these customers even sooner.


Want to learn more about Most Likely Buyers and CRM Connect? Contact your DSplus Account Executive today!