Another Big Win For Our C-HR Campaign!

Another Big Win For Our C-HR Campaign!

We’re thrilled to share the latest accolade for our C-HR campaign—the Best in Class Award in the 2018 Interactive Media Awards’ (IMA) Automobile category. These awards honor the very best in planning, execution and overall professionalism for website design, and the Best in Class Award is their highest honor for each category. DSplus and our technology partner, Outsell, have learned a lot from creating this campaign and we’re more motivated than ever to keep the work going strong.

Our campaign’s objectives:

The 2018 C-HR was an all-new vehicle to the Toyota lineup last year: a crossover “coupe high-rider” that’s as stylish as it is convenient. But even with its stand-out silhouette, cushy ride and agile handling, the C-HR was poised to launch in a formidably competitive market where brand disloyalty was rife. Our task was to drum up excitement and capture a considerable chunk of that entry-SUV market, wooing first-time buyers and folding them into the Toyota brand.

Our winning strategy:

We developed a cross-tier strategy to support multiple TDAs and hundreds of dealers across the country. Having identified our target consumers as a stylish and multicultural band of doers, ringleaders and trendsetters, our creative strategy was built around the evocative and universal language of Emojis—communicating versatility across varied contexts and cultures. We built a microsite that heralded the multifaceted ride that the C-HR is, featuring a medley of quirky characters to reflect our multifaceted target. Every other layer of communication followed suit—saying it all with this unique, emotional theme.

Our takeaways:

Our creative efforts paid out at dealerships around the country. The C-HR communications received 195,254 opens by new and existing customers and 46,722 unique clicks on the microsite—resulting in 65 new C-HR sales, 2,344 total new Toyota sales and $979,836 total in revenue.

With an International Media Award as well as a Stevie® Award now under our belt for this campaign, we’re excited to tackle the next creative challenge!